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Colne Cycling Campaign

Colne Cycling Campaign has been set up to make cycling better in Colne and to improve access between the town centre and the surrounding countryside.

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Loads of people have bikes nowadays, and lots more are thinking about it. But some are put off the idea because of the amount of traffic on the roads. Actually, cycling is a lot safer than most people think, but even so there are things that can be done to make it more appealing – such as cycle lanes, quiet back routes, easy bike parking and so on.

That’s what Colne Cycling Campaign is for.

Some of our current members are regular cyclists and some aren’t (yet). But all are keen to improve things for Colne cyclists. You can help too.

Use the buttons on the left to find out what we're up to or get in touch.

Colne Cycling Campaign is affiliated to the Cycle Campaign Network

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